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Blaqmor  brings decades of experience in producing hand-crafted leather goods in beautiful designs. Using the finest leather, our team of craftspeople make bespoke products you’ll love.

Blaqmor Leather – Beautiful Handcrafted Leather from Africa

by Simo Sizani

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Simo Sizani

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From the dusty streets of iLinge township, eKomani, in the Eastern Cape, a boy then, but now a man believed that his mom was doing him a disservice; instead of playing soccer with the boys, he was stitching shoe compartments that his mother would bring over the weekend.

Little did Simo Sizani know that those moments were the manifestation of his love for handcrafting leather products.

Fast forward to 2012 and he was making belts for his colleagues and bags for his wife. People loved his artistic approach and wanted to see more of his leather products.

In 2015 Simo decided to give his craft his full attention after seeing a gap in the market in leather manufacturing.

That’s how BLAQMOR was born.

Simo has been making leather products for the past 20 years and is a truly humble entrepreneur. The reason for this crowdfund is to help Simo scale his business so he can produce more handcrafted leather goods but keep the outstanding quality of each and every individual item.


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