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With Cool Prints, all you have to do is upload your artwork to the canvas, enter the number of copies you will print as well as the material to be used, and within a few hours, you have a printed copy of your business cards, flyers, banners, etc., right at your doorstep.

How dope can that be! We are asking for your support to help us raise funds to finalize on this platform and continue delivering services to Kenyans and other Africans. 

Cool Prints – Kenya’s number one online Print Shop, improving access to printing services.


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Cool Prints is Kenya’s Number One Online Print Shop. We enable Kenyans to have access to printing services wherever they are at an affordable price. With this platform, you just need to print your artworks wherever you are as long as you are connected to the internet and the printed materials delivered right at your doorstep. Our platform also incorporates both an android and ios app for efficiency.



I have been working in the printing industry in Kenya’s capital Nairobi for over five years now. One thing that I have noticed over time is the constant flooding of clients in printing businesses bringing their artworks for printing, waiting for their prints or even collecting them. If you go to Nairobi’s downtown area, which is where most print firms are, chances are that you won’t go back there due to human traffic. Apart from that, clients are forced to hang around there to approve their printed samples first, then wait for many hours to collect their final prints.

Nairobi’s crowded downtown area

The place is usually crowded and noisy. Pickpockets and street children roam the place and you may end up losing your items. In short, it is a no go zone for someone who isn’t used to such an environment. Organizations are forced to hire errand boys or brokers who supervise the whole printing process. Some prints take days before completion and in the end one may end up with low quality prints with no one to lodge a complaint to. If this is the nature of the print industry in Nairobi, guess how worse it is for someone who has to travel for hours from far places like Marsabit to print a few posters or business cards in Nairobi. It’s an experience no one wants to go through.


All this and more that many people go through before getting their prints done gave me the opportunity to start creating a platform that users will be making print orders online and have them delivered at the comfort of their office or homes. The best part is that our prices are way cheaper than the current market prices. With our efficient customer support and carrier services, we have revolutionized the whole industry and it is now HUSTLE FREE!!!

We have partnered with major printing firms which take bulk orders as well as those that print fewer copies in order to deliver the best to our clients. It’s a win-win deal for everyone; the clients, print businesses as well as the environment at large.


  • Nairobi is one of the most dynamic cities in Africa that has embraced technology and Cool Prints is at the forefront of decongesting the city through technology as well as improving the environment around the CBD. The same is extended to all other counties in Kenya.
  • We want to make printing services available to anyone in the country wherever they are. With the internet being available across all regions in the country, it will be a smart move to print anything using your mobile phone, tablet or PC.
  • Our customer service department ensures that any complaints lodged are solved immediately.
  • Our quality department team makes sure that all prints are of the best quality.
  • Our partnerships with various logistics and courier services companies cut down traveling expenses and deliver your printed materials at your convenience.
  • Payments are also made online or via mobile money transfer, reducing the risk of losses that occur while dealing with cash.

We cannot exhaust all the advantages of using our platform. All I can assure you is that Cool Prints is the next big thing in Kenya, and with time across African countries!!!



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