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Flirty. Innovative. Nouveau – A modern twist to an age old art. We explore the boundaries of a traditional art form to produce contemporary luxury fashion

Copper and Thread Design is a Jamaican based, crochet start up that specialises in accessories and womenswear.

Copper and Thread – A modern twist to an age old art.

by Makeda Morrison

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Makeda Morrison

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Copper and Thread Crochet Accessorise

Makeda started out crocheting while still pursuing a degree in law at the University of the West Indies. She has since had to postpone her studies due to a financial deficit. Crocheting has provided her with both a creative outlet and remuneration.

Currently the site offers a range of wearable fashion pieces and accessories catering predominantly to the female populace zoning in on aquaphiles.

Since January  2019 there has been the implementation of a ban on single use plastics, this is of particular interest to our founder as while she was  at the faculty she developed a keen interest in environmental preservation.

We have since started offering environmentally friendly alternatives to shopping bags, as we believe it is important to play our part in preserving the planet. Though, currently, we solely provide yarn alternatives, with proper funding we would be able to make this necessary transition more attractive by offering straw- based raffia and jute twine alternatives not only for shopping bags but as everyday accessories.

We also hope to expand operations to cater to the male populace offering evening wear accessories and summer paraphernalia. To do this we would further employ  young ladies from volatile communities through partnership with the local NGO- the Forward Step Foundation. It is our hope that through teaching the invaluable skill of crochet and by providing an attractive form of remuneration we may positively engage the communities at large.

Based in Jamaica we offer women’s swimwear for a range of tastes.

Personalise your style with our head turning crochet accessories











Our tops are easily converted to streetwear

Our versatile bralettes can be layered to convert swimwear into street style.











Check out our review feature in the Jamaica Observer- one of the Island’s leading news outlets:

“Flirty. Innovative. Nouveau”



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March, 2019

Earrings: pledges will have the option of choosing between our classic hanging flower earrings or our crochet lace hoop earrings

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April, 2019

Coffee Cup Cosy

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May, 2019

Crop top: pledges may have their chose of the tops listed on our instagram page

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April, 2019

Market Tote : I will personally hand make a market tote for each individual who meets the requirement.

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