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Londoners don’t want to always have to travel home in order to offload items such as bags in order to enjoy London freely. That’s why we aim to place custom made lockers throughout central London.

Lockers for Shoppers, Tourists and Party People


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People hate having to carry their stuff around when they want to enjoy London. It’s no fun if you want to go to a bar or a club after shopping with all of your bags in your hands! It’s also no fun to carry your work stuff around whilst enjoying London.

We at Pelockan believe that having state of the art lockers placed throughout central London would address those concerns. The lockers are custom made and fully digital. This means that you’ll have a user account and will never have to remember a compartment number or carry a key around with you. After all, who can bother to think of that after having a good pint!

We already have two lockers that are receiving their finishing touches and will be placed in venues throughout central London in the next couple of weeks. It’s important for us to grow straight away and we will therefore trigger a campaign with interesting rewards once the lockers have been launched.


Estimated Delivery

August, 2019

Rewards are to be confirmed nearer the date of our campaign launch but there will be a tiered system for rewards. All backers will get themselves a thank you from us via email or on the website. We will also call backers and offer some goodies for larger pledges. There will be a chance to name a unit (Boaty Mc Boatyface anyone?) and have a shiny Plaque with your name on put up to show off.

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