Crowdfund with Acorn

Get Help, Get Ready & Get Funded

Working With Acorn

Are You Ready?

 Acorn gives you more support than any other platform to get funded.

It starts with our virtual accelerator, where you can access over 100 different resources, our education centre, fill out a lean canvas, add your digital platforms to our analytics suite and get help from real people.

We want you to be successful, and we have more tools to help you than anyone else.

Whether you just have an idea or you’re to go right now, click on the link below and get in touch.

Build Your Project

Use the Acorn Hub to start working on your idea, learn how to structure a successful crowdfund and access a host of resources.

Speaking of hosts – we have people in the team ready to help you with your strategy right now!

Join the hub and get some help, then start building your project on the crowdfunding site

We’ll review your project, and if you have your social and web platforms connected to the hub, we’ll give you some advice on how and when to launch based on real data.

Get help from us with video, design and copy to really make the most out of your profile

Get Feedback

Launch it to the world

Push the button! When you’re ready to go, fix a date and launch your crowdfund.

Don’t forget to keep pushing it online and through your email lists (you can learn more about this in the education centre) and keep promoting your idea.

You’ll be able to track your progress here on the site, with information on which rewards are working the best, how close you are to your raise and who’s backing you.

The dashboard gives you all the data you need to keep on track, and you can also visit the Acorn Hub to keep the promotion going

Track Funding


You did it!

Get your raise deposited in USD, GBP, OAK or ETH. You can be flexible with how you use your raise.

One of the most important parts of a crowdfund is to keep your crowd up-to-date on what’s happening with your project.

They’ve backed you personally to deliver something they’re passionate about too, so remember to keep in touch whether it’s good news or a challenge.